Metal Art

 On this page you will find unique metal artwork that I have created. I create metal sculptures, functional steel art, picture frames, steel signs and abstract artwork.
 All of my items are handmade and are each unique in their own way. I also create custom projects for customers. If you are interested in anything or would like me to do a project for you just call me or email me. See the contact me page for more info. 

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Metal Art
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"Butterfly Birdbath"
"B2 Logo"
"Downtown Bench"
"Cubes Flower Pot"
"ND Sign"
"Address Plate"
"Coat Rack"
"Custom Gate"
"Deer Crossing"
"In God We Trust Sculpture"
"Restroom Signs"
"Custom Metal Sign"
"Custom Mailbox"
"Metal Nativity Scene"
"Custom Metal Sign"
"Metal Deck Railing"
"Windsock Stand"
"Lakeside Farm"
"Custom Lawn Ornament"
"Rebar Snake"
Eagle Sculpture"
"Model Dragline"
"Gears Shelf"
"Titan T Sculpture"
"Spider Chairs"
"Sparkplug Spider"
"Custom Metal Sign"
"Steel Wheels Bench"
"Pheasant Flowerpot Holder"
"Wedding Cake Topper"
"Steel Deer Mount"
"Fireplace Surround"
"Spider Flowerpot"
"Fighting Sioux Emblem"
"Scrapiron Shelf"
"Pencil Holder"
"Business Card Holder"
"Business Card Holder"
"Cattails Frame"
"Wrenches Shelf"
"Steel Turtle"
"Scrapiron Bird"
"Eagle Tree"
"Air Circulator"
"Scorpion Sawblade"
"Hat Rack"
"Eagle Birdhouse"
"Custom Metal Sign"
"Custom Metal Railing"
"Custom Metal Sign"
"Crooked Crane Sculpture"
"Trophy for UND"
"Venture Sign"
"Metal Branches" custom railing
"Antique wheels bench"
"Gun door handles"
"joy" polished steel sign
"Bison" NDSU logo
"Custom metal sign"
"Rustic restroom signs"
"Antique wheel endtable"
"Metal Crucifix"