Taxidermy Products 
On this page you will find all of my taxidermy products and artwork which includes: European mount Plaquessteel hangerseuropean mounts and wildlife art. I make several unique plaques for displaying deer and antelope skulls and I make several different hangers for mounting deer skulls and larger skulls such as buffalo and moose. My european mount hanger for deer is currently patent pending. I also create artwork using skulls, bones, rocks, driftwood and other objects found in the wild. Sometimes I combine metal, wood and bones to create some very unique sculptures. If you are interested in my work or have any questions you can send me an email.  (I accept payments using Paypal. Shipping is figured into the overall cost)
Krebs Kreations
European Mounts
WildLife Art
Oak Arrowhead Plaque
15"x 9"
Made out of 1" solid Oak
Slotted hanger on back

Steel Broadhead Plaque
18"x 8"
Made out of solid Steel, Painted gloss black
Hangs on wall, threaded for european mount peg

North Dakota Plaque
12"x 7"
Made out of 1" solid Oak,
Slotted hanger on back
Tree Branches Plaque
15"x 10"
Made out of branches roughly 2.5" thick
Steel hanger on back
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Steel Hangers
"European Mount Hanger" (Patent Pending)
3"x 2"
Solid steel construction
Painted white to match the skull
Attaches to the back of the deer skull and is slotted to hang on a nail or screw head

"European Mount Peg"
3"x 1"
Solid steel construction
1/4" bolt
Can be attached to plaques and used to hang and display deer and antelope skulls

Steel Fenceposts Plaque
20"x 12"
Welded Steel
Wall hanger on back
European mount peg on front
Big Game Hanger
Solid Steel Construction
Used for hanging big game heads such as buffalo and longhorns
"Steel Turtle"
11"x 7"x 4"
3 lbs.

20"x 16"x 8"
12 lbs.

48"x 24"x 18"
15 lbs.

"6x7 Fencepost Mount"
52"x 25"x 16"
26 lbs.

"Putrid Defiler"
48"x 20"x 32"
50 lbs.

"Arrowhead Antler hat rack"
8"x 15"x 12"
3 lbs.
"Old Plank Antler hat rack"
14"x 6"x 5"
2 lbs.

"Rusty Coyote Mount"
6"x 12"x 6"
8 lbs.

14"x 35"x 8"
16 lbs.

20"x 16"x 14"
8 lbs.
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