Metal Fabrication
​   On this page you will find examples of my welding and custom fabrication projects.Some of the services I provide are welding, cutting, in-the-field welding, custom fabrication, drafting/design, repair work and painting. Some of the projects I work on are steel staircases, metal signs, benches, shelves, mailboxes, gates, railings, lawn ornaments, iron racks, metal tanks, brackets, etc. If you are interested in any of my projects or require any of my services just give me a call or email me.

Tom Krebs

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Welding and Cutting
  I perform numerous welding and cutting processes. I can weld using MIG and SMAW. I also perform in-the-field welding. I can cut steel plate, angle iron, tubing. etc. using a plasmacutter, oxyacetylene torch and chopsaw. Whether in the shop or in the field I can produce high quality welds and can cut steel with quality and precision.
Metal Signs
I create custom metal signs out of various thicknesses of plate. I can come up with almost any design the customer chooses and can make multiple sizes as small as 12"x12" up to sizes as large as 4'x8'. I also can create frames and legs for signs to be anchored into the ground or can make them to hang on a wall etc. I can paint the signs multiple different colors or can use different patinas such as rusted, aged copper, etc.
Steel Staircases
I fabricate steel staircases and handrailing. I can make stairs for residential and industrial uses. The stairs can be made out of bar grating, diamond plate, expanded metal or can be made out of wood such as oak. The handrail can be made out of square tubing, pipe, wrought iron or I can also make them with 1/8" stainless steel cable spindles. I paint and finish the staircases and also install them.
Metal Benches
I create several different types of metal benches. I can make them out of metal tubing, pipe, found metal items, antiques, etc. These are unique, sturdy benches that will last for hundreds of years.  I also finish my benches by painting them, powdercoating or applying multiple other finishes/patinas.
Deck Railing
I make decorative deck railing out of tubing and steel plate. I can make any design and sizes the customer wants. These are very unique and durable railings that wil last many years. I also paint and install the deck railings.
Iron racks, tanks, brackets
I fabricate iron racks, bolt bins, metal tanks, hydraulic brackets, workbenches, steel shelves, etc. I can build just about anything the customer needs. I'll work directly with the customer to design products built exactly to their specifications.
Other Projects
"Custom Gates"
"Custom Mailbox"
"Custom Lawn Ornament"
"Autorama Sign"
"Custom metal sculpture"
"Model Dragline"
"Custom coatrack"
"Custom weathervanes"
"Metal Initials"
Metal Railing
I create custom metal railing for staircases, decks, landings, etc. I can make railing out of steel, wood, or a combination of the two. I can also create very unique railings that are personalized with steel letters, brands, pieces of scrap metal, antiques, wrought iron, etc. I work directly with the customer to design unique, custom railings that will last forever.
"Restroom Signs"
"Fireplace Surround"
"Radiator Rack"
"Custom gates and fence"
"Custom Railing"
"Custom railing"
"Rustic Trim"
"Swivel vac boom"