Krebs Kreations
On this page you will find my woodworking and carpentry projects. I build barn doors, fireplace mantels, sheds, decks, picture frames, benches, tables and plaques. If you are interested in any of my projects or would like me to do some custom work for you just email me at: krebskreations@hotmail.com
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12'x 16' Garden Shed
"Old Wooden Headboard"
"Oak Bench"
10'x 12' Storage Shed
"Vinyl Fence"
"Office Remodel"
"Fighting Sioux Emblem"
"Picture Frames"
"Oak Arrowhead Plaque"
"North Dakota Plaque"
Seven-sided Stairs"
"Poplar Frame"
"Idaho Plaque"
"Antique Barn Door"
"Pine Barn Door"
"Pallet Wall"
"Fireplace Mantel"
"Oak barn door"
10'x 24' deck
ND Barnwood Plaque
Antique Picture Frame
Custom Baby gate